The Day The Workshop Grew (Part I)

First of all I must deeply apologies for the lack of entries, This year I am proud to say has been our busiest year thus far. As Siam Costumes continues to expand overseas from the Cinema, T.v., Stage, Amusement parks and cruise line’s.

Of course as our clientele expands so does the Siam Costumes Family and Workshop…


We tried ever so hard to make Basil the dog to look at the camera.








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Siam Costumes: A Voyage around The World

421406_395770317135162_962832615_nA Voyage around The World

Day 92

Although its has only been a quarter the way through 2015, it’s already turning out to be an incredible year, with Siam Costumes currently engaged in projects covering 5 out of the 7 continents of the world, from land to sea.

The Crew and I are very excited to venture further into new Territory , and due to how busy we have been I apologies for the lack of log entries.

So far on our journey we have stopped in the luxurious Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ,Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line in Florida, Historical Emporium and Waterfall in California, The Originals in Georgia, Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen in Belgium, National Opera in Finland, Peter Pan in Luxembourg, Singing In The Rain; Moscow, Knights of The Roundtable, Sound of Music, Shrek World in England, Dr Who in Wales, Madame Tussaud’s Singapore, Aida Opera Australia, New Zealand and Of Kings and Prophets in South Africa.

Thankfully with so much in the works it seems our journey will not be ending anytime soon…


Siam Costumes take a seat at the Round Table

We are very excited to announce that we are currently working on Guy Ritchie’s upcoming feature film, Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur.

Set to star Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Queen Guinevere. Jude law and Djimon Hounsou are two other actors who are rumored to star alongside Charlie and Astrid.

Funnily enough this will be the third feature film that we have worked on, which Charlie Hunnam has also starred in. Knights of the Round table is currently set for 2016 release, so watch this space!


From Bangkok to The Big Screen

This year yet again Siam Costumes has been on a journey of a lifetime; Whether it was a dangerous quest among mythical gods through ancient Egypt or searching for love in a futuristic world where emotions have been eradicated, Siam Costumes once again live to tell the tale.

From those first phone calls, emails and meetings, going through designs, going through and taking measurements, fabric choices, buttons, shoes, making and altering the patterns, making and altering the costumes, all the way to the sending and receiving…and that’s just me keeping it short and simple. It’s always a blessing to be able to sit back with some pop corn and a drink and witness everyone’s hard work being displayed on the big screen.

Towards the end of this year and next year we and yourselves can witness our work in such feature films and TV productions such as; Crimson Peak, Equals, The Water Diviner, The Hobbit: Battle of The Fiver Armies, By Way of Helena, Deadline Gallipoli, The Originals, The Secret River and Dr Blake Mysteries. Although 2016 may seem a long time away, for us not so much as we look forward to seeing our work on Gods of Egypt and Guy Ritchie’s Knights of The Roundtable: King Arthur, which we are currently working on. So watch this space!


Company Cribs: Siam Costumes Part 1


Today I shall be giving you a tour around our office/ workshop, which is located deep in the heart of Bangkok. Whether its the thousands upon thousands yards of fabric, the highly skilled Siam little helper’s or the memorable costumes from Inglorious Basterds to   The Wolverine, we will be taking you behind the closed curtains.
This is the first of three buildings, shall we go and have a look?
At the ground floor is one room among several where we stock thousands of yards of fabric, from Shirting, Suiting, Linen, Lining, Satin and Interfacing. Who knows when you may see them again perhaps on the big screen, on stage, in a hotel, in a theme park or on a cruise ship, the possibilities are endless.
Its no wonder why on a special occasion where we get some garments made for us we take a long time picking our choice of fabric as we are truly spoilt for choice. Thats enough of this floor lets make our way up the stairs.
As we enter the 2nd floor, we can see one of our two pattern cutting rooms. Lets have a little sneak peak then see what they’re up to.
Arif one of our key pattern cutters seems to be in deep thought whilst he constructs a pattern. At the moment he’s working on the latest order from Universal Studios Singapore.
Rampai who has been taken under the wing of Arif for over a year now. Very happy to see us as usual whilst also promoting world peace. Shall we make our way to the top floor.
Hang on first of all we have to try to make it past the bosses private security guard Basil, good to see though he’s doing his job and guarding the fort.
Here is Alex one of our young Admin/Sales advisors, he must of heard us scuffling up the stairs past the big bad dog. Looks like were missing Sebastian , perhaps we will find him lurking around one of the other buildings.
We finally arrive at the kings chambers, Darryl is busy working plus he’s already given us an interview not so long ago so I won’t interrupt him. If you look closely you may notice some fabric samples on his desk, which is for the next production in the pipeline which I will keep you posted on. The tour for the first building has drawn to an end, next time I shall be showing you around the workshop where you can be introduced to Siam’s little helpers, more of extensive fabric collection as well as memorable costumes.