Siam under siege by Goblins, Witches , Sorcerers and The Babylon Emperor

Taunted by the Jesters of the murky London Dungeons and  Imprisoned by the tortures and Executioners of the great Warwick Castle. Siam Costumes live to tell the tale 


The Mystical Sorcerer 


For the past month Siam Costumes have been held captive by the goblins, witches, Sorcerers and The Evil Babylon Emperor of The Universal Studios in Singapore. Siam Costumes were handed the task to manufacturer around 30 costumes for many of the characters of the very popular Halloween event Halloween Horror Nights 3.







The Halloween Horror Nights  is a very anticipated event, So the pressure was on for everyone involved including the special effect team, Actors, Designers, Make up, supervisors and even ourselves. So when we found out that so far it has been a success and judging by the reactions of the audience it has once again improved than the previous year, The staff at Siam Costumes were very pleased.

With Halloween just around the corner Universal studios wasnt the only attraction park we worked with this month. With Jesters for both London Dungeons and Warwick castle

London Dungeons
Warwick Castle

As you can see both Jesters are very different in their designs, colours and fabric choice but both serve their purpose.

Among the other characters we made for Warwick Castle were the executioner and Torturer, which i mentioned in a previous blog when i was shopping for the leather suede, so as promised here is the finished garment.



So all in all it has once again been a very busy month for Siam Costumes, and it was both interesting and challenging with every costume completely different than the last. It was a pleasure to be able to work with Universal Studios, London Dungeons and Warwick castle once again and we look forward to next year. Have a Haunted Horror of a Halloween Until next time.


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