Siam Costumes Goes Universal

If you were to have a look at Siam Costumes Resume you would notice films and stage work pops up more than often as well as Corporate companies, however these last two months Siam Costumes have been taking on the world of Attraction Parks. Feel free to have a peek behind the closed curtains as we take you behind the scenes.The Universal Studios in Sentosa is one of the biggest Attractions in Singapore and Siam Costumes were more than Happy to make the costumes for  the Hollywood Dreams Parade  Here is a sneak peak into what happened before the Parade.

First of all we are sent the costume breakdown with the design for each. Here is an example of one of the characters costume we were asked to make.

As for the Hollywood Parade there were 18 Characters and each of them were very different in both design and fabric choice. So It was almost certain we wouldn’t have all the appropriate fabrics in stock therefore a shop around Bangkok Markets was needed but also a trip to Hong Kong.

After a full long day of walking through the markets with rolls and rolls of fabric in the scorching  heat, Our arms were aching and our feet began to blister so what a relief it was when we purchased the final fabric.  Fabric, check now time to jump into a taxi to the airport, board the plane and then its back to Thailand.

Finally when all the fabric is bought, Siam’s Little helpers get to work. First of all as you can see in the image, Arif one of our pattern cutters begins to  make the patterns and will then cut out the fabric.

Once that stage is complete, Arif will then head down to the ground workshop where all the magic happens and hand over the fabric to our tailors in this case being Poom. Poom will put his hands to the test as he sews the appropriate pieces of the garment together. 

Once Poom has completed his part then its on to the finalisation of the garment where our finishers come into play, they will then add the finishing touches such as buttons, stitches and the most vital part of there job they must check every inch of the garment to make sure that it is to highest standard before we send it off to our client. Once everyone’s happy with the costume we send it off and as we wait for there hopefully delighted response, its onto the next garment. 


The Universal Studios seem more than pleased especially the head costume designer Sydney so its a job well done for the Siam Costume team and to top it off we get to read an article on the new look for the Hollywood Dreams parade and our costumes seem to be the centre of attention and an overall great review: “the new costumes give the parade a new look that is more vibrant and engaging”(

With everyone pleased with the end result including ourselves, We are even more delighted to be given the task to take on Universal Studios next project which is the notorious Halloween Horror Nights. Which we will be reporting every step of the way alongside the Vampires, Witches and Ghosts. Until next time


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