Leather for the executioner and Torturer

When we get an order at times we find we don’t hold the fabric in stock which means we simply run through our suppliers catalogues and if we still cant find then we must venture into the chaotic markets or back alley shops to find the right fabric. Today our goal was to find some distressed leather suede for the medieval executioner and torturer characters.

From the outside the shops look small and dark with not much really going on inside and if it wasn’t for the employees sat outside unwinding the leather chords you would walk right pass it with out a second glance.

The first thing you notice is the smell of the

Leather any one?

 Leather, the second thing is how much leather there actually is. As you can see this only the ground floor out of three floors and the only space that is untouched is a small walkway in between the giant mountains of leather so you can navigate yourself around the stock. As per usual like most leather shops in thailand they are Chinese owned in this case was an old Chinese lady sat behind her desk tucking into her minced pork with green beans and chilli with a herbal tea to compliment the taste. She didn’t take notice of me but to be fair they never really do.

As you can see, its not exactly an organised stock and somewhere in those piles of leather is the green and brown suede we need. 

After about an hour in of ravaging through the hills, I realised a lot of the leather that was tied together weren’t the same colour which meant I had dig deeper so I did. 

And an hour and a half into the search and negotiating with the Captain, The distressed Suede was located and saved. 

Now the real work begins as I hand over the fabric to one of our pattern Cutters who will now kickstart the making of the garment. 


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